As a global sports business platform, ISPO acts as a partner to the sports industry. By bringing together all of these strands, ISPO is able to offer companies support at every stage of development on the global sports markets all year round —identifying relevant market developments, driving forward innovation, and pooling specialized consumer experts so that guidance on the international markets can be provided.



作为全球重要的专业运动商贸平台及多品类贸易博览会,ISPO MunichISPO BeijingISPO ShanghaiOutDoor by ISPO将在其各自细分市场提供更独到专业的行业视角。

The ISPO family of brands includes the multi-segment trade fairs for sports business professionals in the world, encompassing ISPO Munich, ISPO Beijing, OutDoor by ISPO and ISPO Shanghai. 



ISPO Beijing

作为亚太地区运动时尚行业重要的专业商贸博览会,ISPO Beijing为品牌商、贸易商、媒体和专业爱好者之间架起沟通的桥梁。展示范围覆盖冬季、户外、运动训练、功能性面辅料等类别,向运动产业链各端精英提供直击目标群体、吸引媒体聚焦的平台。每年来自全球20多个国家及地区的700多个品牌和3万余名专业观众,在此总结上一年行业发展,预测下一年市场前景,前瞻新一季运动时尚流行趋势。

As the most important trade show for the sports and fashion industry in the Asia Pacific Region, ISPO Beijing effectively bridges brands, retailers, media and sports enthusiasts. It covers Outdoor, Snowsports, Health & Fitness and Manufacturing & Suppliers, which provides a platform for different ends of the sports industrial chain to precisely hit their target groups. More than 700 brands and over 30,000 visitors from over 20 countries and regions get together here, summarizing the industry development, predicting the market prospect, and previewing the sports fashion trends.

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ISPO Shanghai

全球知名的运动用品商贸平台ISPO在中国举办的夏季多品类运动展会——ISPO Shanghai,其深耕跑步、健身、户外和滑雪、水上和潜水、运动潮流、供应商等领域,扶持创新品牌,线上线下多品类、多渠道、多元跨界挖掘新观众,直面消费终端。来自全球10多个国家及地区的500余个品牌,吸引了每年15000余名观众,共同展望运动行业的新防线。

To meet the mounting demands in the key growth market of China, global leading sports business platform ISPO adds ISPO Shanghai in the family. This is another strong, segment-overlapping sports business platform provided for China, as well as the Asia Pacific Region. It covers categories like Running, Health & Fitness, Outdoor & Snowsports, Water sports & Diving, Sports fashion Manufacturing & Suppliers, etc.

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目前,ISPO所提供的服务包括ISPO学院(ISPO Academy)、ISPO全球设计大奖(ISPO Award)、ISPO功能性纺织品流行趋势大奖(ISPO Textrends)、ISPO全球创新大奖(ISPO Brandnew)、ISPO Open InnovationISPO DigitizeISPO Job MarketISPO Shop以及

The online news portal together with its own editorial team, and the ISPO Academy, ISPO Open innovation, ISPO Brandnew, ISPO Award, ISPO Textrends, and ISPO Job market will show the whole image of the sports industry. 



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